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Welcome to my LIVE course, please read this before you make the booking. 

*The length of all the courses are 12 hours (1 hour per week)

*The time of the lesson is based on Hong Kong Time Zone (UTC +8), you may need to change the time zone to your country.  

*The class will only start when 2 or more people register the course, I will contact you before the lesson. The first lesson may delay if there is less than 2 people.

*The price is depending on the total amount of people (the price will be cheaper if more people attend the course)

*You will need to pay every 4 lessons.

*I will teach in English / Cantonese, (English for class 1, 2. Cantonese for class 3)

*You can insert into the class anytime, please contact me for details.

*After you make the booking, please contact me via Instagram / Facebook / Whatsapp for payment method.

Live Course
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