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Animation: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba / 鬼滅之刃 OP - 紅蓮華(Gurenge) TV size Gutiar Tabs + Chords


You will receive one Guitar Pro 7 file, one Guitar Pro 6 file, three PDF file (3 Tracks in total) of my cover of this song.


You can click Here to watch my cover first before you buy this product.


This product include 3 Guitar Guitar Tracks and Chords in this song.


You will receive the following files in this product.



1. Guitar 1 (Clean)

2. Guitar 2 (Overdrive)

3. Lead Guitar


Playthrough Tab:

4. Guitar Pro 7 File

5. Guitar Pro 6 File


This product does not include the Main Melody.

紅蓮華(Gurenge) Guitar Tab (TV Size)

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