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Music Transcription Service

I will transcribe music into Guitar Tab & Sheet Music & Midi and other formats.

How It Works

Customer provides information of the song, for example, the song name / recording / video (it can be on YouTube & MP4 & MP3)
I will transcribe the music to Guitar Tab or other formats depending on your request. It will take 3 days to transcribe the music. If it is a urgent case, please contact me.
After finished the Guitar Tab, I will send the file to you. Customer can choose the following format (GPX, GP7, PDF, MIDI)

The service is suitable for Total Beginner & Intermediate Player who wants to

  • Play the songs they like in terms of melody, rhythm & solo. 

  • Make a guitar cover but there is no tab on the internet.

How Much is the service

2 Minutes of the Guitar Tab (Single Line Melody) HKD$200 (USD$26)

2 Minutes of the Guitar Tab (Rhythm Guitar) HKD$200 (USD$26)

2 Minutes of the Guitar Tab (Lead Guitar) HKD$250 (USD$26)

Extra 1 Minute +HKD$50 (USD$7)

For example, if you ordered the rhythm part and the song is in 4 minutes (it would be $200+$50+$50)

If you need tab for song cover, you can choose a lead or rhythm part. If some of the lead part is missing, I would fill the blank by adding the rhythm part.

How to order this service

Please contact me via IG inbox / Facebook inbox / fill in the form below and I will quote you the price

How can we help?

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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